Food Allergy Test (blood spot)




Food Allergy Test

– Do you want to rid yourself of chronic conditions but more sure how to do so?
– Do you want to sleep better or feel more energetic and alive?
– Do you experience poor digestion, bloating, skin rash and not sure what is caused by?
– You think you have food allergies ( gluten, diary, meat, nuts…) but not sure what is the real cause?

There is a test that can help you find out. It’s a simple blood spot test (done in our office or your home). In 2 weeks you will have results and consultation with Dr.T. will follow with plan and program what to eat or NOT to eat and what type of food allergy or sensitivity may be cause of your problem. It is ELISA certified test that checks your blood for IgE antibodies that your body make to specific 95 most common foods. Call to schedule appointment with Dr.T. or order your test. Free shipping anywhere in USA.

When you receive the test, please contact the pharmacy to get all the important details about how to do the test between 9:30am-5:30pm M-F




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